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BriteLab is your total solution partner! Empowering new product innovation for complex electro-mechanical hardware robotics and automation.

We are the total solutions provider in the Automated Material Handing Robotics Systems Technology. Our unique design and build process gives companies the edge to increase their production capacity and higher yield. Our core focus, cutting-edge technology and expertise in domain knowledge is accomplished through our dedicated team of professionals. We are committed from concept to delivery!

About Us

Semiconductor Fab Robots: BriteLab’s Automated Material Handling System (AMHS) offers overhead wafer transfer system to all 200mm and 300mm fab around the world. AMHS is BriteLab’s OEM product which is currently being shipped to major semiconductor fab companies around the world.

Contract Manufacturing: BriteLab’s 70,000 square foot facility in Silicon Valley serves an impressive list of clients across a broad range of market sectors; semiconductor, automotive, robotics, lasers and optics, production automation, medical equipment, communications and industrial. BriteLab offers mass manufacturing services through its parent company, PHC, for overseas production in South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, and China.

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Design & Engineering

BriteLab’s design and engineering services include hardware prototype design, board designs based on FPGA, battery management systems, battery packaging design, automation and robotics. Services include board bring up, middleware, third-party application integration, embedded application development, testing, BSP and device driver development. Product design services spearhead development for a wide variety of hardware devices and applications. 


BriteLab’s prototyping services save manufacturing time! Their product prototype company makes test products. This allows customers to inspect and test their products in real life scenarios before going to mass production. Prototyping offers customers the ability to reconfigure their product. BriteLab also gives valuable input as needed which reduces cycle time and alleviates issues during production. Prototype services ultimately reduce the overall time when manufacturing suitable products.

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