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BriteLab is your total solution partner to empower new product innovation for complex electro-mechanical hardware robotics and automation.

We are a total solutions provider in the Automated Material Handing Robotics Systems Technology. Our unique design and build process gives a companies an edge to increase their production capacity and higher yield. Our core focus, cutting-edge technology, and expertise in domain knowledge are accomplished through our dedicated team of professionals. We are committed from concept to delivery!

What We Do

Semiconductor Fab Robots: BriteLab’s automated material handling system (AMHS) has been developed to offer overhead wafer transfer system to all 200mm and 300mm fab around the world. AMHS is BriteLab’s OEM product currently being shipped to major semiconductor fab companies around the world.

Contract Manufacturing: BriteLab’s 70,000 sq ft facility in Silicon Valley has served an impressive list of clients across a broad range of market sectors, including Semiconductor, Automotive, Robotics, Production Automation, Medical Equipment, Communications, Industrial, and Lasers & Optics. BriteLab offers mass manufacturing services through our parent company, PHC, for overseas production in South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, and China.

At our San Jose facility, we specialize in low-volume and Just In Time (JIT) production. This helps keep supply chain inventories to a minimum, which is a cost-effective approach with many benefits, especially in a competitive global marketplace. Our cell-based work environment means assembly workers and higher skilled technicians work side by side but retain the flexibility to adapt quickly to changes in process design and production layout. As a result, the production line can easily maintain a high standard of quality and reliability, even when manufacturing more complex designs.

Contract Engineering: BriteLab offers Hardware Engineering services for the entire product development lifecycle from design concept and R&D to market launch.

BriteLab matches our in-house engineers to fit our customer’s specific type of project. We know that our customer’s time is valuable. We collaborate together to create a customized solution. There is no one-size fits all design process, so our engineering experience, across multiple industries, means we are skilled in problem solving, analysis and project management, to help keep costs down while delivering above and beyond customer expectations. A shortened product lifecycle means knowing how to source from the right suppliers for new product iterations, even across changing market trends.


Our Contract Engineering and Manufacturing Services Include

  • Engineering Validation Testing (EVT)
  • Design Validation Testing (DVT)
  • Production Validation Testing (PVT)
  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
  • Tooling
  • Prototyping
  • Value Engineering
  • Manufacturing Assembly
  • Engineering Change Management
  • Supplier Qualification
  • Design Driven Cost Reductions
  • Superior attention to detail and your needs


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