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We’re a total solutions provider in the Automated Material Handling Robotic Systems technology. Our unique design and build process gives a company in the semiconductor manufacturer space an edge over the competition. Our core focus and cutting edge processes are accomplished through our dedicated team of professionals. We’re committed from concept to delivery!

Contract Manufacturing: BriteLab’s 70,000 sq ft facility has served an impressive list of clients across a broad range of market sectors, including Semiconductor, Automotive, Robotics, Production Automation, Medical Equipment, Communications, Industrial, and Lasers & Optics. BriteLab offers mass manufacturing services through a parent company, PHC, for overseas production in South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, and China.

Contract Engineering: BriteLab offers hardware engineering services from design concept, EVT, DVT, PVT, DFM, tooling, prototyping, and manufacturing assembly.

Our Services


Phase 1

World-class industrial design laser focused on getting your product shipped.


Phase 2

All disciplines of engineering working together to optimize your concepts for production.


Phase 3

Cutting-edge technology used for in-house fabrication of rapid prototypes.


Phase 4

Optimized advanced manufacturing for complex products in smaller volumes.

We utilize a no-hassle approach from design to implementation. Our Automated Material Handling Robotic Systems are engineered and manufactured to meet your specifications. BriteLab’s main corporate headquarters and production facility offer 70,000 square feet of production, R&D, and planning space ensuring your project is efficiently and effectively executed!


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