Supporting Semiconductor Manufactures in Israel

BriteLab is excited to announce the addition of S2 Automation Israel LTD to the growing worldwide network of support and distribution partners for BriteLab’s 200 and 300mm lines of Semiconductor Automated Material Handling System products.

S2 Automation Israel LTD, with its long history and strong domain knowledge in Semiconductor Automated Material Handling Systems will be the exclusive selling agent for BriteLab in Israel.

The combination of a strong BriteLab AMHS product line, transitioned to modern technology, plus the expertise of S2 Automation Israel LTD, will provide semiconductor manufacturers in the region with optimized and cost-efficient ways to extend the productive life of current Automated Material Handling Systems another 10 to 15 years.

For further information please contact either Mike Romani at or Yosi Astanovsky at