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Welcome to the BriteLab’s Frequently Asked Questions and Answers page. You’ll find this page useful in getting most of your questions answered, but please contact us if you have further questions!

How much does it cost to get a product made?
Great question! To get a free estimate for your product assembly, contact us to schedule a free consultation. After speaking with our team of experts, we will build you a customized estimate that includes only the necessary services and costs to deliver you the products that meets your specific needs.
How can I be certain that my idea remains confidential?
As a core value of our company, every conversation you have with us is guaranteed confidential. We understand that you may be interested in signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with us prior to consulting about your project for peace of mind.
Does BriteLab Design & manufacture products?
Yes, we manufacture products for our clients. Depending on the type, quantity, and materials we can offer many different options for manufacturing your product. Contact us to speak to us about your product and we will be happy to find the best option for you.
Does BriteLab invest or take equity of my product or company?
When you develop a product with BriteLab, you retain 100% of your company equity and Intellectual Property (IP) throughout the process. We currently do not accept either equity or IP in exchange for any of our product development services.
Do I need to already have drawings and design files to start a project?
The product development can be accelerated much faster if you already have the drawing and design files. Our value is to review your drawings and design files for design for manufacturability. We can always assist with your design when needs.


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