SemiConductor Robotics Manufacturing

BriteLab’s 70,000 sq ft facility in Silicon Valley has served an impressive list of clients across a broad range of market sectors, including Semiconductor, Automotive, Robotics, Production Automation, Medical Equipment, Communications, Industrial, and Lasers & Optics. BriteLab offers mass manufacturing services through our parent company, PHC, for overseas production in South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, and China.

At our San Jose facility, we specialize in low-volume and Just In Time (JIT) production. This helps keep supply chain inventories to a minimum, which is a cost-effective approach with many benefits, especially in a competitive global marketplace. Our cell-based work environment means assembly workers and higher skilled technicians work side by side, but retain the flexibility to adapt quickly to changes in process design and production layout. As a result, the production line can easily maintain a high standard of quality and reliability, even when manufacturing more complex designs.


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