BriteLab offers end-to-end product design services in the robotics and automation domain helping the customer to translate ideas into products that can be brought to market faster. From concept to deployment, our design services for robotics and industrial automation devices assist developers through all product development lifecycle of requirement capture, hardware development, system software, application development and testing.

Working with BriteLab is more than an agreement. We’re here to patiently guide you through the complicated maze of hardware development. With BriteLab as your partner, you’ll benefit from our business savvy, superior design & engineering services, advanced technology and access to our wide network of resources in Silicon Valley and beyond to make sure your product ideas get realized.


World-class industrial design with a laser focus on getting your product shipped.


All disciplines of engineering working together to optimize your concepts for production.


In-house fabrication of rapid prototypes, using cutting-edge technology.


Advanced manufacturing optimized for complex products in smaller volumes.

Design & Engineering

Our design and engineering services include Hardware prototype design, Board designs based on FPGA Design, Battery Management Systems, Battery Packaging Design, Automation and Robotics. Our services include board bring up, BSP and device driver development, middleware and third-party application integration, embedded application development and testing. The product design services spearhead development for a wide variety of hardware devices and applications.


Design Services Include

  • Product Design Package
  • Mechanical Design
  • Electrical Design
  • Software Design
  • Design Validation Testing Units MRP
  • Design Validation Tooling & Fixtures
  • Design Validation Plan
  • Risk Buys Purchasing
  • Design Review with customers



Britelab’s protoyping services is to ensure that we save manufacturing time for our customers. Having a product prototype company to make a test product allows our customers to inspect and test their products in real life scenarios before going into mass production. Our prototying allows customers to reconfigure their product as needed as we give valuable input to the customers to recude the cycle time during production. We alleviate running into issues during productions. Our prototyping services will ultimately reduce the overall time to manufacture suitable products.

In combination with our assembly expertise, these allow BriteLab to manufacture products meeting the most exacting requirements.

How It Works
We’ll learn more about the product through manufacturing custom prototypes. Materials, finishes and critical aspects of the product are all assessed in this stage, and help us to determine the most efficient processes to use for the production volumes.

All of this is incorporated into our tool and production processes to make sure the final product will consistently meet all of the requirements.


Our range of Prototyping Services Includes

  • Precision measurement
  • Assess the design for manufacturability
  • NPI
  • Cycle time testing
  • Tooling design for quality validation
  • First Artilce Units
  • Customer Acceptance Plan
  • Manufacturing Documentation Package
  • MRP for Production
  • First Article Engineering Change Order

In combination with our assembly expertise, these allow BriteLab to manufacture products meeting the most exacting requirements.

Our range of prototyping services includes:


Britelab’s in-house robotics and automation machine build team is high horse-power with skilled trades, technicians, technologists and engineers working towards the common goal of our customers’ success. Our focus on employee development ensures that we have the right mix of experience and fresh new ideas consistently. We offer our own IP automated material handling robots for semiconductor fabs as well offering contract manufacturing services for system assembly and sub-system assemblies across different business industries.

Our range of prototyping services includes:

  • 50,000 Sq Ft. Assembly Production Line
  • Production MRP System
  • RDT Report and Action Plan
  • Production ECO Release
  • Quality Plan
  • Capital Improvement

Our Assembly Team Includes:

  • Electricians
  • Master Electricians
  • Electrical Technicians
  • Electrical Technologists
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Electrical Designers
  • Mechanical Designers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Production Engineers
  • PLC Programmers
  • Computer Programmers
  • Machine Vision / Vision System Programmers

Our programmers are fluent in:

  • Allen Bradley
  • Siemens
  • Omron
  • Beckhoff
  • National Instruments
  • Other advanced programming languages


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